About BoomTrack

Terms and Conditions

We are here to provide a service to musicians who want to give others the opportunity to hear their music, and to music lovers who want to hear music that would otherwise be inaccessible. All we ask is that you treat the site in the spirit in which it is offered. There shouldn’t need to be any more to say than that. However, for the avoidance of misunderstanding, we’ve spelt it out in a bit more detail.

By accessing the data on this site, you agree to the following:

1. Copyright of material on the site:
The publishing of music, text, graphics or any other data on this site does not represent any grant of rights to that material. The copyright of all material on the site is the property of its creator(s). You are licensed to use the material for your own personal enjoyment, but not to sell, distribute, publicly perform, adapt or modify it by any means whatsoever. If you do want to do any of these, please get in touch with the artist and ask their permission.

2. Copyright of submitted material:
By submitting any music, text, graphics, or other data onto this site, you are asserting that you have the legal right to do so. This normally means that you are the composer and performer, or that if others are involved, you have their written permission to post the material to this site. You agree to indemnify the proprietors of BoomTrack, and their employees and business associates against all legal proceedings and costs arising from any breach of this condition.

3. Integrity of the site’s infrastructure:
You agree not to compromise or subvert the operation of security of the site (or attempt to do so). This includes for example the submission of malicious code or viruses, or the attempt to access processes or data other than that available through the published pages on the site.

4. Responsible promotion of BoomTrack:
We are delighted if you want to tell your friends about BoomTrack, but please do not promote us in any unethical manner. In particular Do not spam! Also if you post to newsgroups or bulletin boards, please observe the conventions and conditions of that service.

Violators of these conditions are likely to have their membership cancelled immediately, with loss of any accrued commissions. In the case of copyright violations under sections 1 or 2, we will certainly pass your details to the owners of the copyright.